Going with the Flow

As soon as I changed my opening hours to fit the season, people started to think I was mad! It was as though I had thrown the first curve ball in baseball, so out of left field!

 But all I did was to open a little earlier a couple of days a week and then open later the other days to suit my seasonal change. 

Taking time to ease from your lovely, cosy, sleepy, rest-filled winter hibernation, where it is healthiest to sleep and rest more and even to put on a few kilos, is essential for longevity. During the colder, darker Winter months it is best to eat slower cooked food and heartier foods such as stews and casseroles, however, as the weather changes to warmer, longer days, your body naturally wants to eat fresher foods that don’t sit as heavily in your belly and to move more and get up a bit earlier. 

If you really observe your inner self during these periods of change,  you will notice subtle changes in energy and mood as well as what you desire to eat. 

For me, I like to wake up a little earlier in Spring and my food gets fresher. More fruits and fresh salads accompany red meat and BBQ’s. I also notice my energy is lighter, my body wants to move and I am drawn outside. 

Every body is different, and will react slightly differently to the seasons, especially if you live somewhere with dramatic seasonal weather changes. 

Spend some time, wherever you are, to really let your shoulders relax and feel them sink, take 3 slow inhales, putting your focus on pulling out your belly-button with your in breath and pulling it in with your out breath (this uses your diaphragm and not your shoulders to breath) and 3 even slower exhales, all with your intention on letting it go and just going with whatever comes your way. 

This will lessen your anxiety! Because if you just let it go and go with whatever comes your way, you will soon learn there is no point worrying about the future anymore. If you can really enjoy the present moment, even if it is for a fleeting 3 breaths, then you will also let go of depressed thoughts and feelings, and your energy will change. 

Just observe it, there is no need to label it or categorise it, just let it be. 

Sometimes the best thing you can do is to get out of your own way and go with the flow. 

There is no better time of the year than Spring for this!

Enjoy good things 

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